In quantitative terms, LIFE ALCHEMIA will lead to the following results:

  •  4 filter-based pilot plants  will provide removal rates of  gross alpha and beta activity up to 90%, and reductions in the concentrations  of specific radionuclides  (U and Ra)  between  75% and 90% .  Water indicative  doses will be  below 0.1 mSv/yr , allowing its use as drinking water in compliance with current regulations (Directive 2013/51/Euratom).
  • To  reduce  the  amount of NORM generated  during the removal of radioactivity by  90% , when comparing with bed filters operating in Estonia, which will suppose 135 tons every 5 year.
  • To  reduce  the  cost  of the treatment over  80% , when comparing with RO systems (currently operating in Almería).
  • To  reduce by 80-90% the environmental impact  associated to the whole treatment, including the management of the waste generated.
  •  80% reduction of GHG emissions  from pilot plants (kg CO2eq), which supposes  60 t CO2eq  that will be saved per year of operation.
  • To carry out a   comparing ALCHEMIA solutions based on bed filters and RO, and considering the whole life cycle of the process.
  • To transfer project findings to at least   5 replication studies  in 5 “follower facilities” (including Poland, Italy and Finland).
  • To create a  network  on sustainable radioactivity treatment. Dissemination of  good practices .
  • To allow  uthorities to increase the competitiveness  and improving environmental legislation by better management of radioactivity.
  • To disseminate project results at national and international level through the  Dissemination Plan .

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