Isabel Rodríguez from Diputación de Almería presentated LIFE Alchemia project in Partenalia European SessionExchange of good practices and experiences related to sustainability and the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy” organized by Diputación de Sevilla through Prodetur and Partenalia Network.

Partenalia European Session focused on the Covenant of Mayors and was a platform to give voice and find solutions to common problems between the different representatives from Local and Local Intermediate Authorities (search for funding, help to municipalities to overcome each stage of the Covenant of Mayors, practical cases of good practices, etc).

In this event, LIFE ALCHEMIA project was presented as a practical case of good practices and sustainability. Between the objectives of the project are the investigation with new technologies to remove natural radioactivity in groundwater destined to human consumption and the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact in comparison with the working current systems of reverse osmosis.

After the presentation of the project LIFE Alchemia there were some participants very interested in this field for the treatment of natural radioactivity, so networking activities were carried out with stakeholders like other Provincial Councils.

Below, it can be seen the program of the Event, and the presentation of LIFE ALCHEMIA project: