Viimsi Vesi Ltd. is a public organization founded in 1998, it has 23 employees. Viimsi Vesi Ltd. water treatment plant that uses a comprehensive and complex combined technology for water purification is situated on the north coast of Estonia, approximately 15 km east from the capital city Tallinn. It is responsible for supplying drinking water for the Viimsi parish with 20.000 inhabitants. The treatment plant is fed by ten wells, all of which open to a radium-rich Cambrian-Vendian aquifer which is the only opportunity for public water supply in this region. The efficient design and operation of water quality control system of Viimsi Vesi Ltd. water treatment plant allows the drinking water supplier to get the water of potable quality as well as to make it palatable and aesthetically attractive for human consumption.

Viimsi Vesi Ltd takes actively part in several national and international networks, e.g. Estonian Water Association, European Water Association, etc. It is an active partner for the Estonian Ministry of the Environment in the dissimination of the data on innovative water treatment technologies for water purification. Viimsi Vesi Ltd. has participated in several research and development projects on monitoring and treatment of water financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund, Archimedes Foundation and Environmental Investment Centre.

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