The program “Ecocampus Radio of the University of Almería” has interviewed our partner, Francisco Javier Martínez from Diputación de Almería, on the occasion of World Water Day (22th March).

During the interview, different topics related to water have been discussed. Such as, the current situation of the aquifers of the province of Almería and the system that are being implemented in three DWTPs from province of Almería (Benizalón, Tahal y Alboloduy) to treat the natural radioactivity in the waters, through the LIFE ALCHEMIA project, in addition of the benefits and advantages of this system compared to the technologies already implemented in the different DWTPs, among others relevant issues.

You can listen the complete interview on Radio Ecocampo website by clicking here (Spanish language), or you can listen just the fragment concerning LIFE ALCHEMIA project in our YouTube channel.

Interview in Ecocampus UAL radio