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Towards a smart & integral treatment of natural radioactivity in water provision services

LIFE ALCHEMIA addresses one of the current challenges of water for human consumption such as the presence of natural radioactivity. There is a considerable lack of knowledge by the actors involved and it can be stated that, despite the current legislation (Directive 2013/51/Euratom), radioactivity is not systematically monitored at European level. Indeed, this is an environmental problem that cannot be solved at source, as it is generated by the groundwater dilution of minerals rich in radioactive isotopes, mainly from uranium (U), radium (Ra) and thorium (Th) series. Therefore, new systems able to provide sustainable removal of radioactivity from a cost-effectiveness point of view are needed. Reverse osmosis (RO) is the most commonly treatment used for this application; however carbon footprint of this process is very high and generates large volumes of water rejection with radioactivity that needs further treatment. LIFE ALCHEMIA offers a breakthrough in this problem from two angles. First, with the use of removal systems based on bed filters, which will reduce up to five times the cost of the water purification. Moreover, the whole life cycle of the radioactivity will be considered, including the management of the waste generated.

To demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of bed filters that will be optimized to remove radioactivity from water and to minimize the generation of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) exceeding the exemption level...
The structure of the project ensures its successful implementation, since there is an effective interaction between the activities foreseen. The duration of the project will be 39 months, starting on 02/10/2017 and ending on 31/12/2020...
In quantitative terms, LIFE ALCHEMIA will lead to the following results: 4 filter-based pilot plants will provide removal rates of gross alpha and beta activity up to 90%, and reductions in the concentrations of specific radionuclides (U and Ra) between 75% and 90%...

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